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Q3 2019 Update

Summer Mission Trips: This summer we were blessed to have several groups from the United States visit us here in the Dominican Republic. The groups worked on several projects in several areas including: light construction, bible schools, prayer walks, etc. We can't put into words how encouraging it is to have visitors from outside the country invest their time and resources to come and work along side of our team. This not only encourages the team but speaks volumes to those we are working to serve each week. Apart from this, we know that the visiting members of the mission groups glean a great deal from their time spent here in the Dominican Republic. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge THANK YOU to those who visited and helped us over this past year. You do not know how much it means to the ministry. If you haven't had a chance to visit, don't worry, you can easily fix this. We're not going anywhere and are ready to receive you when you're ready. Visit our site for more information:


Discipleship Groups: As you know, DeLeon Ministries consists of several churches throughout the country. As such, each of those congregations gather to worship each Sunday as a church body. However, you might not be aware that it does not stop there. Our pastors and ministry leaders are committed to seeing growth and discipleship in the communities where they work. As part of this commitment, on any given day of the week, you will find various groups from each of the churches gathering in homes to study the Word of God. Over the past few months these studies have included: Gurabo: A Second Chance with Jesus La Yaguita de Pastor: Basic Theology Navarette: Study of Corinthians Cienfuegos: Basic Theology Montecristi: Home worship services during the week In addition to specific studies, pastors and ministry leaders spend time visiting homes each week in their respective communities. These visits are to houses of church members as well as to those who are not yet part of a church family. During these visits, leaders pray with and encourage those living in the home. We feel that it is very important to meet our neighbors where they are and share with them the love of God in any way we can find to do so.


Prison Activity (2 Days of Peace): In August, various members of the team spent two full days in the men's prison of Santiago (Rafey Men's Prison) with the purpose of sharing the Gospel and baptizing those who were ready. As many of you know, our brother William Gomez has spent many years working in prisons throughout the country and has spent a great deal of time working in this particular prison. Over the years there has never been an chance to hold baptisms in this prison and when the opportunity presented itself the team went to work. The prison officials allowed us to bring in a pool, sound equipment, and our team to work for two days. Many men have surrendered their life to God over the years but never had a chance to be baptized. Other men made the decision during the two day event. The team went from cell block to cell block singing hymns and preaching the Gospel. It was an amazing time and as a result a total of 280 MEN were baptized over the 2 day event! We praise God for these souls and pray that these men will be able to make a difference in a place that desperately needs the love of Christ. We will be holding a similar event in a different prison in November. Please pray that God would begin to prepare the hearts of the men there.


School Project (Escuela del Hombre y la Mujer): The team has kicked off another year in the public school of Plinio Martinez in the community of Cienfuegos. During this round we are working with a group of 32 high school students. We are praying for a very impactful time over the next several weeks and ask that you join us in that prayer. We have a very capable team of people from our church in Cienfuegos as well as several missionaries who will be sharing their testimony and teaching various classes on subjects such as identity, family, vision of the future, etc. In addition, we have a team of inmates from Rafey Men's Prison that will be accompanying us to share their testimony as well. We trust that God will use our time there to greatly impact the lives of the students over the next 2 months. Please pray that God will give us the wisdom to minister to these youth in a way that they will accept and understand.


We try to highlight several activities in each newsletter, but this is only the tip of the iceberg to what is going on through DeLeon Ministries in the Dominican Republic. If you'd like additional details on a specific project, location, community, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to hear from you and happy to share any details that you'd like.

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